FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

About the Program...

What type of music is used in this curriculum? Is it all religious music?

The music used for class is primarily classical and folk songs that have been passed down for many generations. We do occasionally include a religious song, such as “Away in a Manger” during Christmas time.

I’m not a musician and I don’t sing. Can I still come to class and will I have to sing?

This class is about having fun. No prior music experience is required. Parents are encouraged but not forced to jump in and participate. You may not think you have a great singing voice, but the truth is your child will love having you participate, and your participation sets the example for your child to follow suit and jump in. If you aren’t comfortable singing at all, don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways you can participate.

Do I have to commit to the entire year?

No. We understand that little ones change a lot in a year and sometimes nap schedules shift or class doesn’t work. We offer five sessions a year that range from 6-8 weeks.  You are welcome to come all year, a single session, or whatever works for you.

About the Children...

My baby is very young and doesn’t really do much yet. Can my baby really participate in class?

Even very young babies are sensitive to music. While your baby may be too young to sing or play an instrument, exposing them to music at an early age helps them to learn the language of music.  In these classes, we will sing to your baby, put the beat on your baby’s body, and do other music-readiness activities to set them up for a life-long love of music. Throughout the course of the class, you may even start to notice which songs your baby prefers.

My toddler doesn’t sit still. I’m worried he/she might be a distraction to the class.  Can I still sign up?

Of course! Toddlers and wiggles go together. Children at this age are full of energy and love to explore. We understand that this is totally appropriate behavior for a toddler so classes are fast-paced and the activities change frequently to help hold their attention. If your child does wander off from the group to look around the room, relax! It’s totally fine. Even when children are seemingly not paying attention, they are often actively listening and absorbing what is happening around them. Toddlers who wander off generally return to the music circle when they realize that this is where the fun is. If your child becomes so restless that he/she is disrupting the class and needs a minute of quiet, you can simply step out in the hall for a few minutes and return when your child is ready.

I’d like my toddler to come to class, but I have an infant that I can’t leave home each week.

We often have very young infants snoozing in their baby carrier during class and this is totally acceptable as long as they aren’t disrupting the class. Tuition is not charged for a non-registered and non-participating sibling who is not in the age range of the class.

About the Adults...

Does the same parent/ caregiver need to come each week?

Your child needs someone with them each week, but it does not need to be the same person. Some children come with the same parent each week, but others may come with mom one week and dad the next. Both parents are welcome to attend as well.

Can grandma or grandpa come visit a class?

Sure! It’s always great to share music with important people in your child’s life so if grandma or grandpa or aunt or uncle want to come participate they are most welcome.

Can I bring friends?

If you have friends interested in the class, you are welcome to bring them to one free demo class. Please inform us ahead of time since space is limited. If your friend likes the class and signs up, you will get a referral discount on your next class!

And finally...

Where do I park and what door do I enter?

Classes are held at the Redeemer Center. There is a large parking lot behind the building. When you arrive, use the sidewalk that is between the building and the large garden with a picket fence and come to the very last set of doors. Once you are in the building, just come down the hallway. You’ll likely hear the music so just follow the noise!